Can you use KOHO at Costco?

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Note: KOHO is also a VISA card, and there are a few retailers like Costco and No Frills that often don't accept VISA. If you want to use a prepaid card at those places, and it's a big concern, check out STACK instead—it's a Mastercard.

Where can you use KOHO?

You can use your KOHO Visa card wherever Visa is accepted. This applies to hotel reservations, car rentals, flight bookings, too. Be sure to select 'credit' as the form of payment or ask the merchant to register your KOHO card as a credit card when you're ready to make your purchase.

What is the catch with KOHO?

At this point, you're probably asking yourself, “What's the catch?” since this all sounds way too good to be true. But, the fact of the matter is that there are no hidden charges when you use KOHO. That's right - none.

Can you trust KOHO?

Is KOHO safe? Any money you deposit with KOHO is safe because it's stored at Peoples Trust, a “regular” federally regulated bank. KOHO has partnered with Peoples Trust for this reason, meaning that your money is CDIC-insured. This means that if KOHO fails for whatever reason, your money is still protected.

Is KOHO good to use?

There's no doubt that KOHO is legit. Although the best travel credit cards in Canada offer a ton of benefits, KOHO is a great no fee, card/app that encourages Canadians to spend and save in one spot. You'll never spend more money than you have and you'll earn some cash-back rewards in the process.

I wish I knew this BEFORE trying KOHO. ⚠️

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Can you accept e transfer with KOHO?

Learn how friends and family members can send funds to your KOHO account! This means that you can now accept Interac e-Transfers from friends, family, and business accounts to KOHO!* The sender will just need to send the e-Transfer to your unique email address found in-app (ex.

Is KOHO considered a credit card?

KOHO is a no-fee spending and savings account here to simplify your personal finances. ... And we're like a credit card in that we offer cash back and other perks, plus you can use your KOHO reloadable prepaid credit card anywhere Visa is accepted.

What bank is KOHO affiliated with?

KOHO is partnered with Peoples Trust, a federally regulated banking institution. It's where all the money in your KOHO prepaid Visa account is held—including your Spendable, round-ups and savings goals.

Is KOHO accepted everywhere?

Like a credit card, you can use your KOHO card anywhere Visa is accepted, and get cash back and other benefits on your purchases. The big difference: unlike a credit card, it's your money – you're not using credit. ... In fact, the average KOHO user saves roughly 7% of whatever money they load into their account.

Why is KOHO free?

KOHO is a free spending and savings account where you can get instant cash back and earn interest on your entire account. You get a prepaid reloadable Visa that gives you all the spending power of a credit card without any fees or interest. ... This key difference makes you spend more mindfully and effectively save more.

Which is better stack or KOHO?

Overall Winner: KOHO

While they charge 1.5% on foreign transactions, they provide cash back on every purchase, send e-Transfers, and offer a joint account. If you're a frequent traveler, Stack's 0% on foreign transactions and higher discounts might appeal to you more.

Can I tap my KOHO card?

If your purchase happens to go through without you needing to input your PIN, don't sweat, this can happen sometimes. You're still good to go, and you can use the tap function from here on out.

Can you withdraw money from KOHO?

KOHO users can withdraw money at any ATM. The cost is $2-3 depending on the out-of-network fee the ATM you're withdrawing from charges. We don't charge any fees on our side.

Can you use KOHO for online gambling?

No. Our partnership with Visa does not allow for use of KOHO on gambling and adult entertainment sites.

Is KOHO covered by CDIC?

KOHO itself is not CDIC insured. In the unlikely event that KOHO fails, your funds will be returned to you by Peoples Trust Company (our partnering bank who holds your funds).

How much is KOHO worth?

Upgrading to KOHO Premium, which costs $84 annually or $9 per month, gives you 2% cash back on transportation, grocery, and restaurant purchases, in addition to a host of other bonus features (which we'll get into a little later on). An annual subscription to KOHO Premium saves a full $24 compared to paying monthly!

How many members does KOHO have?

Koho, which has a mobile application that provides a no-fee savings account, has grown its user base to more than 500,000 since the pandemic hit in March, 2020.

How long do KOHO e transfers take?

This process is manual and can take anywhere from 5 min to a few hours. If you are experiencing issues, here are some tips: You can try to cancel and resubmit the e-transfer.

Is KOHO premium card metal?

KOHO offers its users access to a premium limited edition metal card that looks great in your wallet and weighs 16 grams. Learn more about the KOHO metal credit card, its benefits, price, and how to earn cash back on your everyday purchases.

What time does direct deposit go through KOHO?

This should be done by 12 PM EST. As you continue getting direct deposits from the same source to your KOHO account, they'll be loaded earlier in the day. If you haven't received a direct deposit by 12 PM EST on your expected payday, reach out to us in-app to assist!

Does KOHO charge for Etransfer?

We do support e-transfers - without fees! You can send to non-KOHO users and it works the same way as a regular e-transfer. ... but if you're looking to receive or send funds to other countries through KOHO we suggest looking into Wise!

Does KOHO have auto deposit?

Here's the step-by-step: 1️⃣ In the KOHO app you'll see all the information you need to send an e-Transfer by tapping the $ symbol > Add funds to your account > Load via e-Transfers. Most of our users have now migrated to our auto-deposit method, so you'll only need to make a note of your unique e-Transfer email!

Is KOHO 3d Secure?

Yes. This uses Visa's 3-D Secure 2.0 technology that allows your bank to verify that the person making a load to KOHO is actually you.