How do I get purple vitality?

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To upgrade to Vitality Purple, speak to your financial adviser. Vitality Purple offers you a science-based behaviour change programme that gives you personalised support to help you keep track of your progress towards better health, and world-class luxury benefits and rewards tailored to your lifestyle.

How do you qualify for discovery purple?

According to BusinessTech, in order to be considered wealthy enough to open a top-shelf private banking account, you need to be making in the region of, or more than R1,5 million a year. If you want to open a Discovery Bank Purple account, you'd better be pulling in upwards of R2,5 million a year.

What is the purple plan at Discovery?

Purple Plan. The Purple Plan is suitable if you have over R5 million in insured assets. It offers comprehensive vehicle and home insurance with enhanced benefit limits, exclusive experiences and a dedicated Discovery Insure Service Executive.

What is Discovery Vitality active?

Vitality Active encourages and rewards you as you get healthier. From only R89 per month, you'll get great gym savings, discounted movies, weekly rewards and more. Being healthier has never been more rewarding.

How do you qualify for Vitality?

How can I join Vitality or Who qualifies to join Vitality? Joining Vitality Health is easy. If you're an existing Discovery Health or Life client, log in to the Discovery website or app and join Vitality. Otherwise, call us on 0860 000 628 or send us your details and we'll call you back.


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How do I activate Discovery Vitality?

Log in to the app using the username and password that you used to register your profile on the Discovery website and then navigate to the Vitality page in the app. Tap on Vitality Active Rewards and follow the prompts to activate the benefit.

What is vitality purple?

Vitality Purple offers you a science-based behaviour change programme that gives you personalised support to help you keep track of your progress towards better health, and world-class luxury benefits and rewards tailored to your lifestyle.

What is comprehensive life cover?

Comprehensive Premium Protector: If you suffer a qualifying disability or severe illness event, or upon your death, the Comprehensive Premium Protector will cover your qualifying Health Plan, Vitality, Discovery Gap Cover and Supplementary Gap Cover contributions that you were paying at the time of the life-changing ...

What is Discovery Access cover?

We pay out a lump sum in the event of your death to protect your family's future financial security. The AccessCover Benefit is automatically included and allows you to convert your life cover into cash on a number of qualifying life-changing events while you are still alive.

Can I join vitality if I have a discovery bank account?

You don't have to apply for Vitality Money, as it is automatically available to you if you have a Discovery Bank Transaction Account, Discovery Bank Card Account, or Discovery Bank Suite. To start reaping the rewards and benefits of Vitality Money, activate Vitality Money on the Discovery Bank app.

Who qualifies for Nedbank black card?

Nedbank black card requirements
  • Must earn a personal income of more than R1,500,000.00 per year, and/or.
  • Have investable assets with a value of R5 Million or more excluding the property you live in.
  • Must be over the age of 18 years when applying,
  • Possess a South African ID,
  • Have a good credit rating.

How do you get a black card in South Africa?

  1. Must earn R750,000.00 per annum or more or.
  2. Maintain a balance of R75,000.00 for 3 consecutive months, and.
  3. Must have a good credit score.

Which life cover is the best in South Africa?

Here is our top 10 best life insurance covers in South Africa in 2022:
  1. Metropolitan Life Insurance. Metropolitan offers life insurance cover that is synonymous with affordability. ...
  2. FNB Life Insurance. ...
  3. Discovery life insurance. ...
  4. Momentum. ...
  5. Sanlam. ...
  6. 1life Insurance. ...
  7. Old Mutual. ...
  8. Liberty.

Which is the best medical gap cover in South Africa?

Sanlam and Absa emerged as the top-ranked gap cover providers in South Africa. Sanlam offers the best value for money to people under the age of 60 – their Comprehensive Gap Cover costs approximately R250* per month per individual or family.

Is arthritis a dread disease?

The scope of dread disease cover

Generally speaking, comprehensive dread disease policies provide cover for conditions such kidney failure, major organ transplants, chronic liver failure, loss of sight, rheumatoid arthritis and respiratory failure.

Can I have two life covers?

It is legal and common for people to have more than one life insurance policy in place. There are many reasons why people choose to do this, including to ensure that they have ample financial security. However, it is also crucial to know what you are getting yourself into before doing this.

Can I borrow money from my life policy?

You can only borrow against a permanent or whole life insurance policy. Policy loans are borrowed against the death benefit, and the insurance company uses the policy as collateral for the loan. Life insurance companies add interest to the balance, which accrues whether the loan is paid monthly or not.

Can pensioners get life cover?

You might be surprised to know that a funeral policy can be taken out up to the age of 75, which means pensioners can get funeral cover too. But there are many funeral plan options that allow you to extend your own cover to include a parent, parent-in-law or partner in the event of their death.

Which fitness devices sync with vitality?

Which devices and apps does Vitality use to award points?
  • Apple Health app.
  • Samsung Health.
  • Garmin.
  • Polar.
  • Fitbit.
  • Suunto.
  • Withings.
  • Technogym.

What is a Discovery Gold Card?

– It's a credit card with built-in transactional and savings features. This means you can pay your salary into it, set up debit orders and stop orders, and even make EFTs and real-time payments from your credit card account. – You get up to 55 days of interest-free credit on select credit card transactions.

How do I link my Woolworths card to Discovery Vitality?

You need to activate your Woolworths benefit on our website Once you've logged in, hover your cursor over Vitality and click on HealthyFood. You can activate the benefit on this page. Thank you for responding.

Can you get Vitality without Discovery?

This is part of a broader overhaul to Vitality Rewards 2.0. Non-members need to download the Discovery app and complete “at least three fitness days in a goal week” (which runs from Saturday morning to Friday midnight) to be rewarded.

How do I get my Vitality membership number?

Membership number. You can find it in your emails or on your welcome letter. If you can't find it, please contact us.

What is the cut off age for life insurance?

Limits. You may only purchase life insurance up to age 85, which is the age at which life insurance companies no longer sell life insurance to individuals. At age 85, you are considered uninsurable. However, you may keep a life insurance policy in force that is already purchased.