Is the aspiration card legit?

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Is your money safe at Aspiration? Yes, it is safe. Even though Aspiration itself is not a bank and does not hold a banking license, your deposits are safe as the money is held at several partner banks, which are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

Does Aspiration really give you money?

While technically not checking or savings accounts, Aspiration offers cash-management accounts that function similarly to traditional bank accounts. ... Additionally, for a limited time, you can earn a $150 bonus when you open an Aspiration Spend & Save Account and meet certain requirements with your debit card.

Is an Aspiration account worth it?

As a cash management service for the non-wealthy and socially conscious, Aspiration is great. It doesn't cap the number of reimbursements you'll receive from ATMs and there's no minimum balance to maintain. Plus, you can use your dollars to align your finances with a worthy cause while still earning interest.

Is Aspiration a legit bank?

Aspiration is a financial firm, not a chartered bank. It offers a variety of accounts, with a focus on rewarding customers with cash back for purchases made from ethical companies. The money customers deposit through Aspiration is held at one of its partner banks, which offer FDIC insurance.

How does Aspiration card work?

Customers receive a debit card with this account, which earns cash back on purchases from a variety of retailers. You will also earn interest on money that is not spent, which means you can earn money with both the Spend & Save sides of the CMA.

Aspiration Online Bank Checking Account - The Truth

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Is Aspiration debit card safe?

Security. Is your money safe at Aspiration? Yes, it is safe. Even though Aspiration itself is not a bank and does not hold a banking license, your deposits are safe as the money is held at several partner banks, which are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

How do I get $200 from Aspiration bank?

Aspiration is offering a $200 bonus when you open one of their Aspiration Plus accounts and then spend at least $1,000 using your debit card.

How do you withdraw money from Aspiration?

You may only access your Cash Balance through your Aspiration Account. You cannot access or withdraw the Cash Balance by directly contacting the Priority List of Banks. Balances in the Cash Sweep Program can be liquidated on your order and the proceeds returned to your brokerage account or to you.

Is Aspiration a loan?

Online Loans

With an Aspiration Loan, you can get a little extra money before your next paycheck.

Is Aspiration a credit or debit card?

Aspiration launched their very first credit card on Thursday, the Aspiration Zero Credit Card. This new card earns cash back on every purchase, but ultimately serves a much greater purpose that that. ... Aspiration is a digital bank with a larger mission than just making money.

Can you overdraft Aspiration bank?

The first set of checks you order from Aspiration is free. A shipping fee applies to every order of checks after the first. No overdraft fees.

What is Aspiration pay fair?

What is "Pay What Is Fair?" At Aspiration, you decide how much to pay us. We're confident enough in our products and in our customers to trust you to make this decision. We call this optional fee “Pay What Is Fair.” Most financial firms impose a flat management or service fee on their customers.

Does Aspiration really give you $100?

Aspiration is offering a bonus of $100 when you open a new Spend & Save account and complete the following requirements: Open and fund an account with $10 or more. Use your Aspiration debit card to make at least $1,000 worth of cumulative transactions within 60 days of account opening.

How do I get $150 from Aspiration?

How to Get a $150 Bonus When You Open This Account
  1. Open your Aspiration Spend & Save Account and fund your account with at least $10.
  2. Use your Aspiration debit card to make at least $1,000 of cumulative transactions within the first 60 days of opening your account. ...
  3. You're good to go!

How can I get 100 dollars on my current?

Fee-free Overdraft: Get Overdrive™ with Current. Current allows you to overdraft up to $100 with no overdraft fees when you receive a qualifying direct deposit and enable Overdrive™ on your Current Premium Account.

Can I receive my PPP loan on Aspiration bank?

In order to qualify for the PPP loan amount received, Aspiration's 2019 payroll expenses are estimated to be at least $703,382 (not accounting for salary amounts > $100k).

Does Aspiration bank accept PPP?

At this time, Aspiration products are for personal use only. ... SBAD and PPP business loan proceeds may be reversed, your account may be locked for violating Aspiration's terms of use, account agreements, and customer policies, and you may be reported to the authorities for any suspected fraud or suspicious activity.

How much cash back does Aspiration give?

Currently, Aspiration offers 0.5 percent cash back on every purchase and 1 percent cash back at businesses with a strong social conscience.

Is Aspiration bank insured?

Through the Aspiration Insured Bank Deposit Program, cash balances in the Aspiration Spend and Save Accounts are deposited at one or more FDIC-insured depository institutions (each a "Bank") up to $246,500 per Bank. With ten Banks available, Deposits are FDIC-insured up to $2.46 million per depositor. Visit

How much can I withdraw from my Aspiration account?

There is a $1,000 daily limit for cash withdrawals from an ATM and a $4,000 daily limit for PIN purchases or any charges requiring your signature. You'll also be limited to a $5,000 daily outgoing transfer limit and a $1,000 daily incoming transfer limit.

How do I get a 50 dollar chime?

The Chime Spending Account promotion requires you to set up direct deposits and use a referral link in order to earn the $50 bonus. Full requirements to receive this bonus are: Open a new account using a referral link from an existing customer. Within 45 days, receive a direct deposit of at least $200.

Can I transfer money from Aspiration bank to another bank?

You may transfer between Aspiration Spend and Aspiration Save up to 50 times per day. These transfers can be scheduled any time and are only subject to the amount available within the account.

How do I put money on my Aspiration card?

How to Deposit Money Into the Aspiration Account?
  1. Cash: To deposit cash, purchase a money order with your cash and deposit the money order into your account via the mobile check deposit. ...
  2. Wire transfer: Wire transfers offer a quick way to deposit money.

Do I have to pay Aspiration back?

For your Aspiration Spend & Save account, your monthly fee will come out of your Spend account. You are able to change the amount of the fee until 9 am PT on the 30th of each month to be retroactively applied.